Fingerprinting for Everyday Life with Professional Quality

ProCare Fingerprinting Services offers professional fingerprinting in Cumberland, MD. Fingerprinting has become a pivotal part of American life. From beginning a career to immigrating and becoming a legal citizen, chances are you may need fingerprinting moving forward. If you are in need of fingerprinting services, ProCare Fingerprinting Services is the place to be! With a professional atmosphere and quality service, we believe that ProCare can quickly and efficiently do the job. We even provide passport fingerprinting to see the world! Call ProCare today at (240) 362-7653 to schedule on-site or offsite appointments, or feel free to walk in.

Prices of finger printing will be going up starting 2/15/22 to have both state and FBI it will $55 and State only will be $40.

Live Scan Electronic Fingerprinting For Ease of Retention

ProCare Fingerprinting Services is proud to provide Live Scan electronic fingerprinting. Electronic fingerprinting is a cleaner, more advanced option for those who prefer to be sure their prints are stored safely on file in a computer. Electronic fingerprinting via Live Scan is an excellent option for background checks, with a quick, easy, on-site process.

We Proudly Provide the Following Services

  • On-site appointments
  • Ink Cards
  • Fingerprinting
  • Electronic fingerprinting
  • Business fingerprinting
  • HQL fingerprinting
    (Handgun Qualification Licensing)
  • FBI fingerprinting
  • Passports
  • Live Scan

Passport Photos and Ink Cards in Cumberland and Beyond

At ProCare Fingerprinting Services, we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive and total experience for any and all fingerprinting needs and wants. Our services include ink card sales and passport photo services. Ink cards provide a more traditional method of fingerprinting than the electronic variety and can easily be done offsite. We strive to provide the best service Maryland has to offer to Cumberland, Oakland,
and Allegheny and Garrett counties.

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